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Some Things Hybrid June 24, 2008

Posted by astralwicks in Cars, Ecology, Emerging Technologies, Environment, oil, Politics, Research & Development, Transportation, World.
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car-runs-on-water-inventor-to-be-kidnapped-by-exxon link


A list of all cars hybrid – link


A list of all cars electric – link


India’s 1st plug – in hybrid car link


Chek this out – link 


Car running on water link 


Oil. Umm. Oil. It might get over one day. Then what? There has begun a mad scramble amongst all nations to use oil diplomacy to shore up energy resources for the future. If environment was the buzz word a couple of years back now it is Oil although both are connected – oil almost in a parasitic manner.


If environment, pollution, greenhouse, emissions set the political agenda, only fashionably in my opinion, then all things hybrid threaten to usurp discourse this season – probably all for the sake of fashion once again. No. This time they are quite scared.


Aspiring presidential candidate John McCain in fact has announced a 300 million dollar reward to anybody who can come up with a magic battery that can boost the development of the hybrid car. Very good senator!


Here is a lowdown on all things hybrid for the children of today and the adults of tomorrow. Please forgive us and have it in your heart to love us for messing it up.




1. myexpression - June 24, 2008

hmmm… nice post…

2. gudus - June 24, 2008

cool post. btw astral, we might buy a Reva later this year if all goes well…it’s just too cute, of course we save on crazy amounts of fuel, and there’s a subsidy from the delhi government too, isn’t that great!

3. astralwicks - June 24, 2008

ya it is @gudu. do that. its is one of the most popular cars in europe too. imagine we were laughing about small cars some time back. ford has actually shut down 4 of its suv manufacturing facilities because of falling demand. TATA Nano should only roll out the hybrid. would be a smash hit.

4. GlobalWarmingDESTROYER - July 23, 2008

I want a car running water 😀


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