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links for 2008-07-02 July 2, 2008

Posted by astralwicks in Uncategorized.


1. myexpression - July 2, 2008

happiness is in the head…

2. astralwicks - July 2, 2008

thats what i used to say. but an empty stomach speaks a different language. a semblance of moderation…even in excess and in poverty. but the head has to say ‘aye’ no matter what.

3. anna - July 6, 2008

ah! happy greens.
love the new look astral.

4. astralwicks - July 6, 2008

fresh for the eyes

5. dogstail - July 6, 2008

nnnnnnnnnn….This one hurts the eyes. Its too bright…..My iris’s have revolted.

6. gudus - July 7, 2008

i agree with dogstail, it is fresh, but the green on side’s so bright that the iris’ contract and then it’s difficult to read…or maybe my eyes are fucked

7. astralwicks - July 7, 2008

i agree with dogstail an gudu but the contracting iris etc is limited to the borders on the right and left. it is too bright i agree but you will get used to it…i hope…thoda compromise kar lo yaar…

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