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10 things I see everyday…20 things… July 16, 2008

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…in Mumbai in the month of July 2008

  1. Helmetless driving
  2. Infants hanging precariously from their mother’s lap as the father overtakes…from the left, from the right, from the center
  3. School-kids hanging to dear life in over-packed autos
  4. Half the population spitting from autos, taxis, trains, buses, windows, sitting
  5. Jumping the red light at crossroads
  6. Breaking the queue at bus stops
  7. Fudged vehicle meters
  8. Garbage
  9. Digging…and more digging
  10. Plastic
  11. Accidents
  12. Abuse after accident
  13. Spilling trains
  14. Umbrellas (it’s the rainy season here in Mumbai)
  15. People moving on…and ahead
  16. Puddles
  17. Cracked roads
  18. Construction
  19. Unfinished construction
  20. Mud/stains
  21. People talking on phones while driving an auto, car and bike!


1. Ig-ster - July 16, 2008

Wow. You are aware of your environment.

About the ninth item, I hate this. This causes tons of traffic!!! makes me late (lame excuse, I know!)

2. astralwicks - July 16, 2008

hi ig-ster ya and with the metro construction in progress we are all betting that it will will only get worse 🙂

3. gudus - July 16, 2008

yeah, adds up to about 10 things…dude you travel with your eyes closed or what? 😉

4. astralwicks - July 16, 2008

21. Pollution. Can’t see a thing 🙂

5. dogstail - July 16, 2008

Try smelling, its a change and lets you take in more of what you see 🙂

6. astralwicks - July 16, 2008

hey dogstail yes thats the next list…10 things i smell 🙂

7. gudus - July 16, 2008

he he thats a tough one..attaboy dude..lets see how many nerves you still got up those good olfactory tubes

8. beylee - July 17, 2008


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