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10 things better than SEX…sometimes. August 1, 2008

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Of course you will snigger and so will Mark ‘Rent-boy’ Renton from Trainspotting. But under a set of conditions these stand a chance of beating the whack out of our primary urges…

Hear all for here is my list.

  1. Water – of course after living without it for some time and more so when one is drinking directly from a glass or bottle; with the tongue, lips everything being touched along its journey. Doesn’t work the same when dropped in to the throat from above. No cold-drink, no juice does it, no alcohol does it, although try water-melon. Watch it course through your veins and you can see, hear and touch the cells of the body as they are re-invigorated. It’s a tactile experience.

  1. Sleep – after a physical working session of 12-14 or 16 hours. The body doesn’t need any prompting, no bed, no mattress and no air-conditioner. Not sitting around computers typing, chatting or twittering.

  1. Ablutions – the very perfect ones make you long for them don’t they!

  1. Perfect Food – cooked by mom or by a 5 star chef or by the street vendor, the perfect bite satisfies many a sense. Doesn’t matter the junk or health tags accompanying them.

  1. Retail Therapy – you know what I mean?

  1. Ideas – the great idea that visits us…ummm…sometimes and makes us jump and scream, run naked like Archimedes.

  1. Afternoon winter sun – I have heard that even dead people can come back to life; enjoy the brief ecstasy and go back to their graves. No seriously!

  1. Welcome – of your pets when you come back home from work. Imagine a vacation!

  1. Lazing – doing nothing and being happy in it is of course better than doing anything

  1. Dance – even with 2 left foot, if ‘you’ are enjoying it then you can move anyone

  1. Foreplay



1. meow - August 2, 2008

10 things as good as SEX




perfect food

retail therapy


afternoon winter sun





2. gudus - August 5, 2008

10 things better than sex (sometimes), water (after long thirst), welcome (after long break), ideas (the great ones)…man, you think one needs a rider for sex? It’s always just SEX. So then? Do I spell it out? I’d agree with meow (almost), but not quite

3. astralwicks - August 5, 2008

thank god somebody commented. everybody was checking it and staying silent…prudes or what? ya it was a rider filled ride but you will accept that they work well. but sex itself is riddled with such humps..as it were…for emotional connect, pure physical pleasure…revenge…humiliation etc etc. it is never just sex. as we all know by now its a TOOL or better still a WEAPON. the ones mentioned above are free…almost

4. gudus - August 5, 2008

when we discuss a list like this, i assume the sex is there to have. sex for sex’s sake, pleasure, happiness etc
ofcourse, otherwise there are plenty strings attached…i wont know…but then, whats better? single partner and no string (apart from that one BIG rope called relationship) or multiple partners and plenty of string dodging…or no partners, no strings and no sex

5. astralwicks - August 5, 2008

what I am positing is that inspite of all the strings or no strings attached sex. ..sometimes there are far better things in life than SEX. the same could be applied to non-veg food for example. I being a veggie am hated quite a bit I have realized. I am not joking! There is an annoying smirk on most when they realize my choice. Oh you don’t have non-veg. Poor boy, just doesn’t know what he has missed! Similarly sex is great but on certain occasions these and many more things beat it handsomely. It is a primacy we have given it but we is not everybody. On one level what the list means is you can enjoy everything as much as ‘say’ you enjoy sex. simple.

6. gudus - August 5, 2008

“Similarly sex is great but on certain occasions these and many more things beat it handsomely.”
i don;t agree, nothing can beat (great) sex…

7. astralwicks - August 5, 2008

gudus we have 1 matter on which we will disagree 🙂

8. dogstail - August 8, 2008

Sorry I am a bit late to the discussion. was just racking up my mind to decide on something which qualifies in your list and came up with nothing. Unless you are dying.

9. chaubey - August 9, 2008

hello junta.. good to be back.. hmm.. its unfair to categorise foreplay as different from sex.. tho i agree with most other points.. not welcome.. winter sun is better if u have sex (or foreplay) in it.. retail therapy i have little taste for.. there are other things that are a little bit fatter, little bit harmful for us that could qualify..

10. megaslim ego - August 22, 2008

you people are having too much sex…only when there is darkness one realises the value of light

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