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After Terror August 4, 2008

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After every terror attack in India I and am sure you hear some oft repeated statements remarkably similar in tone, attitude and messaging.

The government, using Mr. Shivraj Patil as their spokesperson, will say that they are doing the very best in tackling it, extending all possible help to the ‘region’ under attack. What does that mean?

That people in power at the ‘centre’ or in Delhi are separate from the regions experiencing these attacks. That the ministers and India is under threat only when Delhi is attacked? Otherwise it is these ‘regions’ that are under attack and the center can only look on helplessly? Beats me.

My apologies to Mr. Shivraj Patil, but he is one of the most fragile and uninspiring home minister’s we have ever had. In this time of unlimited exposure on various media here is one man – the home minister of the country –whose own voice is shaky and rattled.

The ordinary people outside whose security has been outraged because they don’t roam with Z+ security don’t want to hear your homilies. They want to hear somebody reassuring. Somebody who at least with his/her words can make them feel secure. But alas, he himself looks at sea most of the time.

The same with our intelligence agencies. Considering that we are fighting violence in half of India isn’t it time to have a network that is receptive to modern crimes. We have not been able to capture and punish a single perpetrator of any of the major terror attacks in the country. There is utter lack of any order, coherence and direction.

An example. The Aarushi murder case and its horrible bungling. It will not be an extreme statement that more often than not our investigations occupy the pride of place in textbooks of ‘how not to conduct an investigation’. Outdated equipment, de-motivated and untrained personnel, their jurisdiction being perpetually encroached by other wings of the government – in 1 word – it’s a MESS.

How far is Mr. Modi responsible for all of this? Has his pogrom so alienated the ‘muslim’ that all and everybody in the community has become a passive observer to the growing militancy – a Point of View so all-pervasive and condemnable in the just released film Aamir?

The film shows Aamir being led on by various people of the muslim community, entire stretches of Bombay and everybody is in cahoots with the villain. Wonder how this was missed by reviewers because it shows the extent of not just sympathies that a common member of the community has with the terrorist, but also overt participation!

The government also immediately announces a compensation package – it releasing a stink of guilt at having such inefficient intelligence appendages that 20 + bombs are placed in your capital city.

Another familiar sight is the publicized condemnation by various Muslim groups. If they don’t do it then it is assumed that they are supporting it. Extremely stupid.

The most irritating bit is this – ‘terrorists belong to no religion’. A true Hindu or a Muslim cannot be a terrorist etc. He is a criminal first and a criminal last and should be judged irrespective of religion blah blah bhah.

Now all this subjective analysis of crime is good. But can’t cut off the arm and assert that the shoulder is not incapacitated. There was a reason why one got infected in the first place. Only an accident can warrant such an excuse. Terror attacks are not accidents. They are the most organic of crimes. It has an ideology in place, which is reasoned, has historical reasons and sometimes does enjoys religious sanction (no matter how twisted).

We can’t wish the problem away by saying these motivated people (call them terrorists/freedom fighters/rebels etc) don’t belong to us.

It is like a parent saying that the errant child belongs to another unknown species.

By doing this we are conveniently absolving ourselves of all blame. There is Sati, child sacrifice or there was…do we say they are not part of us and everything is hunky dory?

It is an escape and something all rational minds should oppose. We are giving birth to the future; the future which comprises of inventors, entertainers, engineers and also terrorists. It is only our actions, acts of omission and commission that is shaping all the lives around us, our culture and the civilization.

This facile argument is actually a cover up on the part of all religions and societies to shy away from looking hard and fast at what ails them. The monarchy was rotting Nepal. People opposed it rallying around the Maoists. Now they have elected representatives. Follows a logical pattern. The Vatican tried to push child-abuse under the carpet but failed.

Chattisgarh’s economic inequalities and encroachment on forest rights of the aboriginals has led to the current horrible and violent impasse. There is no coherent policy in place for development, resettlement, local indigenous populations and what emerges is a sorry story of exploitation.

Similarly the current lot of extremists; Hindu, Christian, Muslim etc too have an ideology of inspiration. What is it? Where does it come from? Does it come from education, history, a feeling of exploitation, religion, social ills…the list is endless. We have to study and solve it.

Denial is not the solution.



1. chaubey - August 9, 2008

yaar astral.. full points.. very accurate analysis.. i’m surprised no one has reacted yet.. way to go

2. astralwicks - August 9, 2008

beats me too.

3. dogstail - August 14, 2008

Too Polite, where is the venom…..?

4. astralwicks - August 14, 2008

@dogstail you think so…probably I am tired. don’t you think it is stupid to hide behind this ‘terrorists are no religion’. ok – then they all must belong to ‘one universal terrorist ideology’. NO that’s false. they all have separate motivations deriving from a host of sources. each needs to be isolated and addressed rather than this apology in the name of universal brotherhood.

5. dogstail - August 16, 2008

Yes indeed..

6. Vinod Sharma - September 14, 2008

Good analysis Astralwicks…terrorism is not an accident…there is an ideology in place. Well said and well argued.

7. astralwicks - September 14, 2008

@vinod thanks

8. anrosh - September 14, 2008

if i am not mistaken, the bombblasts in india started in bombay in 1993 march, and the parade has spread to other parts of the country.
how did the people of bombay react – just an other incident. and carried on go to work the next day. This is what got all wrong.

People did not protest. They didn’t speak against. Riots only helped discrimination and hatred. There was no anger against the culprits and the people in the center made it all sound okay. If the umblical cord would have been cut there and then this type of aids would not have spread. Dawood Ibrahaim has his huge mansion tucked right under Mahim police’s nose. The bastis on the road just opposite the Church is COMPLETELY full of all these activities. chhota shakeel and other underworld’s muscleman. The police cannot do anything until “orders come from up” !!!

9. astralwicks - September 14, 2008

hi anrosh – people protested but that in itself doesn’t stop future attacks. It is time to assess how our intelligence agencies function? Are they enabled enough to deal with modern warfare. Probably we will not see full scale wars ever (thankfully) but these low intensity one’s are enough to scare you, harm the economy, build social tensions, harm the fabric of the nation and keep you further from achieving your development goals – which can create equality and erase the feeling of discrimination, which most terror organizations and modules use brilliantly to motivate their cadre.

10. indianhomemaker - September 16, 2008

//The most irritating bit is this – ‘terrorists belong to no religion’. A true Hindu or a Muslim cannot be a terrorist etc. He is a criminal first and a criminal last and should be judged irrespective of religion blah blah bhah. //
I didn’t understand. Do you mean terrorist do it for their religion? They are Hindus or Muslims first terrorists last?

11. astralwicks - September 16, 2008

I am saying lets not discount the role religion plays. A key part in moulding their extreme views – be they Hindu fanatics or otherwise, is religion. There can be historical wrongs that Indian Mujahideen says it is setting right – Babri Masjid demolition. BJP,RSS,VHP et al also set out to right a historical wrong, which again had its root in religion. I don’t think these guys and girl are disgruntled atheists. Do you? This apology ‘they belong not to our religion etc’ is just an excuse not to introspect. It is like the American inability to fault their interventionist foreign policy for some of their problems.

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