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Why Old America will Defeat Obama August 5, 2008

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He will loose because ‘the best lack all conviction and the worst are full of passionate conviction’. W.B.Yeats. Mr. McCain is not the worst but…

Obama said something very important on the 3rd of 4th of August. “Breaking our oil addiction is one of the greatest challenges our generation will ever face.”

This apparently reflects a change in his policy – no offshore drilling to bring the prices down – a key American concern. Well, It is for the entire world in fact.

McCain is not from our generation. He is unfortunately from the Nam generation. He took bullets. He was a Prisoner of War. He fought for the American way of life. Obama didn’t. McCain rightly deserves the awe of the American. He is the all-American hero we see in movies and picture books. He can get people by the scruff of the neck and drag them to justice. He is Mr. No Nonsense. And therefor I am not equating Mr.McCain with the ‘worst’ of the quote above. McCain probably still believes that attack is the only way of life and gives the impression that his favourite line is from ‘Apocalypse Now’ uttered by Kilgore ‘I love the smell of napalm in the morning’.

Obama is from this generation. He is a black who opposes an apology for slavery and remuneration for the blacks. He suggests taxes on the big oil companies. He plans to reduce America’s dependence on oil. He wants to engage Teheran not in war but diplomatically.

Old America hates this and therefore Old American Will Defeat America. Unless the Youth of America scripts a different story.

Bush or McCain are the prologues. Prologues that have expired their purpose.

These are not the best of times for America. It will get better. Things are cyclical and McCain if he wins will set things right. Invade a few more countries if world opinion is fragile. Allow Alaskan drilling and mouth platitudes about going eco. But it will be too late by then.

The world has changed but some have not. McCain too is one of them. Every problem even if it is the same problem demands a different approach. It requires new solutions from a generation that still has the chance of seeing the winter, autumn and spring of its own existence. McCain is in his winter. Both mind and body. He will most probably not be around to see countries being inundated by water from the Arctic. Most of us will be until and unless we meet an unnatural fate.

Obama will loose only if the Youth of America wants to. If they loose the hope that they can in fact change a way of life. If they do not see the opportunity to set new examples…for themselves and the world. To abandon a way of life that Obama has criticized and for which he is much reviled. Who wants an ‘inconvenient truth’?



1. myexpression - August 7, 2008

u r totally right astral… i wish for few things we could have global voting, well you’ll say it happens through UN in some way but u know how valid or proper it is… actually to save the planet, civilization, earth, humanity and everything maybe we all should become terrorists; ecological terrorists and eradicate all those who do not understand that the earth will sink; you know in some condition the brain dies as sinks in its own fluids, exactly that is happening to us… we are brain dead; may be we all should just sink and die; we dont deserve to do any better, as i finish this piece i’ll go and have a sip of coke and will litter some plastic, will take a cab to work tomorrow; i must kill myself first…

2. dogstail - August 8, 2008

America & Americans……Let us not blame them alone. We are no better off. Trust me had India been a world power then most of the neighbourhood would have been enslaved.

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