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America Russia at war and it’s not the Olympics August 10, 2008

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Yeah…and this time its in Georgia. But who cares. We are tired of wars at least the overt wars. Nowadays we call it by some other name – conflict, disturbance, regional tension, temporary aggression. But with over 1800 (official Russian figures) casualties in the separatist region of South Ossetia in just 4 days…

Here is the picture. Georgia which was a part of the USSR separated from the federation, but still has some regions that hanker union with Russia. America, never afar from a region of conflict, trains the Georgian troops. Russian support for the  rebels in Georgia  are of course frowned upon by  Georgia, which has used force, which brings forth more Russian support – a vicious cycle.

And now it is full blown war.

Meantime the Olympics have begun and oaths are being taken – fairplay, honesty, sportsman spirit etc



1. McCunt - August 10, 2008

Who’s interested in that war? The west is crawling into the ass of China and Russia anyway.

2. astralwicks - August 10, 2008

yeah this war doesn’t even grab headlines. they might crawl into but they also have to come out.

3. laxativity - August 21, 2008

umm..thats where I figure..the coming out part

4. diryde - August 21, 2008

The reason this is barely even creeping into the headlines is because of how important this is. You realize that Bush is on the last leg of his presidency? He doesn’t want to leave presidency with America at war with Russia, and Russia knows that Bush will do anything at this point to prevent war with them. That’s why Russia is stealing our humvees, threatening to blow up Poland if they signed Rice’s missile deal (and they did), and blatantly disobeying orders from the US and NATO.

Don’t be fooled — they are trying to cover this up and hope it just blows over. If you really think that something must not really matter because of it’s lack of front page stories, then you really need to read up on fallacy arguments because that doesn’t seem to make much sense at all.

The West was never “crawling up the ass of Russia,” as it was so delicately put. We have always been on thin ties with Russia, and Russia trying to indirectly pick a fight with us was a long time in coming.

5. astralwicks - August 21, 2008

thanks @diryde i don’t think America / Bush has problems going to war. They can’t go on full frontal name – calling assault on Russia – too reckless something probably the republicans can’t afford to in an election year. Unbridled NATO expansion belies a Cold War containment mentality. Both countries have moved on, but America still behaves like a global super cop and Russia after the slide under Yeltsin has rebounded courtesy its huge oil and gas finds and doesn’t mind getting aggressive like the good old days.
And Saakaashvali is just a foolish pawn…someone even the Americans should avoid. What was he thinking? That he will take on the Russians? The locals there hate him and with good reason. Everybody knows who took the first steps in this battle.

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