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This is BBC India… August 21, 2008

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Back in college in the late 90’s we used to mockingly call Jat’s – Just Avoid Them. They of the brawn – heavy genes, who first whack and then talk! Right now they are the pride of the nation.

It has been a strange Olympics so far. India has won 3 medals! Yesterday’s hourly news reports on all the main channels was not the Indian victory against Sri Lanka but Sushil Kumar’s bronze at Beijing and Vijender Kumar’s entry into the last 8 of his category (75 kgs).

To cap it all has been Abhinav Bindra’s gold medal in the 10 m rifle. Bindra has his own shooting range in his palatial house. He could make do without any state support. His rich father could fun the expensive sport of his son.

The fathers of these boxers are not rich. In the case of the Bhiwani boys, it is passion. It is blood, sweat, guts and glory.

Akhil, Jitender and Vijender are all from the Bhiwani Boxing Clubs or BBC. A small dusty town of Haryana. Jitender’s father is a state transport driver. Jitender hates the amount of publicity cricket garners and most would say rightly so.

“A promoter like Don King, a ring inside Madison Square Garden, and millions of dollars per bout. That is my dream, that is where I want to be,” says Vijender.

His mentor Akhil had said after defeating Vodapnoyov, “Dreams are not something that you see while sleeping. Dreams are something that keeps you awake at night.”

Thanks guys for knocking us out.



1. myexpression - August 21, 2008

“Dreams are not something that you see while sleeping. Dreams are something that keeps you awake at night.”

love this one… want to hear the haryanwi version…

2. BASKARAN - August 21, 2008


3. laxativity - August 21, 2008

dreams = insomnia

4. myexpression - August 21, 2008

or insomnia = dreams

5. chaubey - August 22, 2008

dreams have replaced the archaic word ambition in modern lexicon.. how about this one – you cannot solve the equation of love by calculating. he he he..

6. megaslim ego - August 22, 2008

mister chaubey i love you. now solve that

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