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Time’s Up for God September 17, 2008

Posted by astralwicks in india, Opinion, Personal, Politics, Religion, Society, Writing.
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Lets ban religion. All religions. And ban the Gods also. For the sake of peace. That was my first thought after the Delhi bomb blasts last week. This feeling got reinforced after the conversion-reconversion-church vandalism incidents taking place in Orissa and Karnataka. What if there was no religion? What if there was no God? Will we all stop breathing and fall to our deaths? Will the air grow foul? Will the sun disappear? Will there be only light or only darkness? What?

I suggested this to my partner and she tried to dissuade me from writing such a blog. She said that I will be persecuted, people will stalk and then attack me.

So I was silent for some days but what the…I only hope the wordpress guys and girls and bloggers don’t find it offensive and start demanding my head. I love my blog here so am I taking a chance?

So, o.k lets not remove the great, all-powerful him or her completely and immediately. Lets do it slowly, over time, incrementally. Let’s start by removing the presence of the presence for 15 minutes a day. Let us notice what happens? Will it make us love more. Hate less. Doubt. Angry. Upset. Hopeless. That’s all. the hope crutch is what we will miss. We will go on being what we want to and impute it all to divine will, providence or destiny. Easy to blame or pass the buck than to take responsibility.

This god parable/fable…does it have an ending? Oh very soon it will, because we would have killed each other by then, because of the gods we love. Thank god!



1. sriniani - September 17, 2008

you are right Srikanth. I endorse your opinion that all the religions should be banned for the well-being of humanity. I believe that world will be relieved of most of its problems it is facing today.

2. astralwicks - September 17, 2008

@sriniani thanks for the endorsement. its getting worse no?

3. gudus - September 17, 2008

great! We have an answer. A solution. Let’s ban the damn thing, religion. Can’t fix it, so lets ban it.

err can you just elaborate on the process…the 15 min. thingy…the ‘presence of the presence’…and while you’re at it, a short note on enforcing the ban…or is it voluntary?

guess what, think we should ban humans? That should really work…and bring peace to the world

4. astralwicks - September 17, 2008

it is beyond fixing. i think ‘human’s’ have been kind enough to ban themselves. i wish i could (en)force it.

as of now it is voluntary 🙂

5. Richard Froggatt - September 17, 2008

You’re heart is in the right place.

6. Richard Froggatt - September 17, 2008

*your* err

7. Claire - September 18, 2008

As an agnostic I found your post resonated with me. Whilst I don’t personally have God in my life I am always open minded about those that do. That open mindedness stops when such atrocities occur. How can people commit such crimes in the name of something that may not exist. I prefer to believe in spirituality and lead a good life – being kind and considerate of others at all times. I don’t think banning God is the answer but not letting your religion override basic human morals would be a good place to begin.

8. astralwicks - September 18, 2008

hi claire thanks for stopping by. banning god seems highly unlikely in the future but do you (am asking all) think there is a chance of all atheists/agnostics etc coming together and demanding a separate place so that at least the god issue is sorted. we will then fight over other trivialities, stupid we are, but…i know just wishful thinking. do without bias i guess.

9. Benjamin Osoinach - September 30, 2008

I’d say “Time’s up for ‘ever-intelligent’ man”. It is not God doing these brutal killings. It is man. Who is to blame if man disobeys God in the name of God? God, right? I don’t think so. God has breathed life, and if man takes a life in the name of God, then man is tragically mistaken. Man-made atrocities occur when man thinks he can take the place of God rather than submit to Him. God has commanded us to love. Jesus said blessed are the peacemakers. Love your enemies. God is not the problem. We are

10. sriniani - September 30, 2008

@ Benjamin I believe it is religion not God that is responsible behind these brutal killings. The man-made religions have limited human mind. The human mind is no longer free–it is prisoned by these narrow, rigid frameworks, ideologies and beliefs. Only when one gets free from these authoritarian beliefs and self-delusionary thinking, one can experience true God. And, true God resides in us, not in any religion.

11. seamusjcarroll - November 22, 2008

humans by there nature can fall into despair , if you develop love within your imagination that connects you to divine love this despair can be uprooted ,without god or the concept of god this is very difficult, what we are witnessing is a prevalence of irreligious behavior by man , the god to worship is the god off love ,this is situated in your heart as a sensation of love develop this and the whole world will slowly change

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