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Indo Pak Sidelined September 25, 2008

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Manmohan Singh and Zardari at the UN General Assembly sidelines. A very confidential meeting. Aides are absent. It’s strictly one on one.

Zardari: How are you Mr. Karzai?

A shocked Manmohan.

Zardari: you have become too big for your boots.

Manmohan: excuse me…

Zardari: oye chhup kar…you allow American forces to attack my land. After all I have done for them…they attack my land. I will crush all of them.

Manmohan: you are mistaking me…

Zardari: you have sold your soul to the infidels. Your land, my neighbour’s land is a base for attacking a sovereign democratic country. Where is the LAW in this world? And YOU…I am seeing your growing friendship with India. They still call you Kabuliwala behind your back and you suck up to them.

Manmohan: I…

Zardari: we are neighbors.

Manmohan: so am I.

Zardari: oh…Sir, I am so sorry. It is you. My Indian neighbour. How are you doing?

Manmohan: congratulations to you.

Zardari: why?

Manmohan: you are the president now.

Zardari: of course. But at what cost sir?

Manmohan: I understand.

Zardari: no sir nobody does. Nobody trusts me.

Manmohan: that’s true.

Zardari: even you? Let me assure me sir that not even an inch of Pakistani territory is being used to launch terrorist attacks on dear friend India’s land.


Zardari: you got to believe me sir. The world needs to believe us. We are a democracy now.

Manmohan: we too; for the last 60 years. Do you believe us? Trust us?

Zardari: oh let’s not quibble.

Manmohan: oye chup kar.

Zardari is taken aback at the sudden Punjabi outburst.

Zardari: so you get angry too. Does the Congress party know? Does the President know?

Manmohan: only 10 percent of the time.

Zardari goes ashen.

Zardari: I didn’t hear it. I didn’t hear it.

Manmohan: 10 percent. 10 percent.

Zardari: ok. Lets smile, shake hands and say we believe in love, peace and trade.

Manmohan: good.



1. Vinod Sharma - September 25, 2008

Terrific post Astralwick. I could not stop laughing. Better than the show on NDTV with puppets!

2. astralwicks - September 25, 2008

hey thanks vinod 🙂

3. Raza Rumi - September 26, 2008

ha ha 🙂
I agree with Vinod.

4. gudus - September 26, 2008

i didn’t get the transition, the point where Zardari suddenly recognizes Manmohan…but really funny nevertheless… 🙂

5. astralwicks - September 27, 2008

syd field here i come. but thanks 🙂

6. amhsirakrian - October 3, 2008

Haha that was absolutely fantabulously funny!!

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