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Orissa’s Shame October 15, 2008

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It is 6 o clock in the evening. There are journalists outside the Chief Minister’s office + the regular posse of cops, bureaucrats, hangers on.

Secretary: sir, there have been more killings.

CM Naveen Patnaik: where?

Secretary: all over.

Naveen Patnaik: all over?

Secretary: yes sir.

Naveen Patnaik: you mean all over India or all over Orissa?

Secretary: Orissa sir.

Naveen Patnaik: ummm


Secretary: the center has also…

Naveen Patnaik: the CENTER?

Secretary: Delhi, New Delhi…they are worried.

Naveen Patnaik: so am I. So am I, but what to do? We are doing our best. Aren’t we?

Secretary: yes sir, of course sir.

Naveen Patnaik: but people of Orissa…they are very emotional. They are fighters too. Didn’t we fight Ashoka, the mighty? We made him realize the futility of war, didn’t we?

Secretary: yes sir, of course sir.

Naveen Patnaik: we are a peaceful state. Always was, is and will be. This is an aberation. Will go away.

Secretary: Sir, it’s been more than a month.

Naveen Patnaik: some things take time. You see…people love and people hate. People do good things and people do bad things. Everything is a phase. As the Buddha said ‘this too shall pass’.

Secretary: sir, what if they dismiss the government, impose the President’s rule?

Naveen Patnaik: they? Oh, your Center? No, no not so easy. Elections are around. What if there is more killing after they dismiss me? Will they take the blame? No.

Secretary: you have a point there sir.

Naveen Patnaik: stay calm Mr. Secretary. Nothing should ruffle us. Stay put is the Mantra. You know, when my father, the great Biju took the plane into Indonesia, there was death flying all around him,but he was calm, super-calm. I have got that gene from him. Nothing disturbs me. Did I cry when he died? No. Did I cry after the floods? Again No. Did I cry after the cyclone? No. Focus is very important. Leaders don’t cry. What will the people think? Weak he is, they will say, and abuse me. So, no wishy washy for me. NEVER


Secretary: so sir, what do we do?

Naveen Patnaik: nothing, stay put.

Secretary: the press. It’s waiting outside.

Naveen Patnaik: they’ll go. They have news to cover. We stay put.



1. IÑIGO GONZALEZ NAVARRO - October 15, 2008


2. astralwicks - October 15, 2008

It is indeed a worrying situation and most Indians are praying for people who are being persecuted…of whatever religious denomination. It is the callous nature of the administration, its acts of omission and commission to pander to various factions…in this case a fringe right wing Hindu militant organization. Plus the Maoists and the various tribes that are being incited to settle scores by various vested interests. And the lack of political and administrative will to curb such xenophobic behaviour. Abominable.

3. ipsit mohapatra - October 15, 2008

great going but why hold back…dear astralwicks please let it all hang…the state is comatose and so are its people. It takes balls to lead and be truthful. Relying on silence, waiting for the storm (or cyclone, if you like) to blow over — isn’t that what Pappu has done so well over the last 9 years. Our Pappu sure can dance without moving a limb. It takes balls to lead and I am not sure Pappu has it. Somehow, Oriyas are under the impression that he’s clean. I have my doubts. Anyway, a good, sincere and honest take from you. Keep at it

4. astralwicks - October 15, 2008

ya similar to Narsimha Rao during Babri and others. Even Manmohan is not a leader by nature but only by default. I was born in Orissa, everybody on my mother’s side can speak Oriya fluently and my first 14 summer, winter vacations were in Orissa. I don’t think the entire state is in collusion with him. But as always it is the silent majority that harms. 9 years with a person who perpetually looks drunk even on TV? Something is rotten in the state of…

5. prakash - October 15, 2008

centre has no dare to take a firm stand as election is on the ahead. navin has the power to woo,not only the people of Orissa but the opposition party leaders in the state.Through their political thikedars adapted within the society.This is democracy,chosing of government by people who, often are found to be sold so cheaply at the hand of political leaders, often seen to sell their valuable votes for some rupees and some wine bottles only on the day of election,are mostly ignored about the importance of their voting rights , often found to be ruled by dictatorial governance in the mask of democratic government. This would be ours’ fate as we have every things but, without truth and purity.

6. Dr Mohapatra, Hyderabad - January 15, 2009

Navin Patnaik Great going!! I Wish him luck for the forth coming election. It was really a herculian effort on the part of the chief minister to root out corrupt and antisocial elements before the actual development started. The period from1995 to 1999 under J B Patnaik saw orissa backtrack by minus 5 years when most other states made the best of globalistion underway at that point of time.

Development is a culture. Once you backtrack it, to get back to track is not easy because people mind sets first need to undergo sea of change. But then some politicians have ulterior motives to encourage muscle power to sit on the chair…..&….. just sit on that chair.

Thumps up Navin!!! I coming to Orissa to vote you.

7. astralwicks - January 16, 2009

Mr. Mohapatra welcome to the blog. I am quite surprised at your complete validation of Mr. Patnaik.

He is like Nero who played when Rome was burning. Orissa, like many other states (M.P in particular) still has not solved starvation issue. The tribal and Christian populations are scared and the politicians are not scam free.

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