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Why does India do it? November 19, 2008

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A fortnight back a young man killed two of his nieces to salvage honour and pride. The girls had denigrated their family’s name by being adventurous for a day – going to Meerut without informing the family in Greater Noida. NDTV journalists who later went to the village to gauge the reaction of the women folk there were horrified – most of the women (in various shades of ghoonghat) supported the young murderer and condemned the dead girls.

Sheila Dixit, the chief minister of Delhi wondered why a young girl like Soumya, a journalist with Headlines Today, was traveling alone at night. This comment after she was murdered.

6 Indian journalists who died in the line of duty were honoured at the Stockholm Journalist’ Meorial 2008.

They were – Mohamad Muslimuddin, a correspondent for the daily Asamiya Pratidin, Ashok Sodhi, a photographer for Jammu’s English-language Daily Excelsior, Ved Prakash Chouhan, a senior journalist, Komal Yadav, a photographer of Amar Ujala, a Hindi daily, Javed Ahmed Mir of a local Kashmir paper and Soumya Vishwanathan, a TV journalist, working with Headlines Today,

But the Indian embassy gave it a miss – for the 2nd year in a row.

Jose Luis Belmar, the founder of PROFOCA, lamented to IANS, saying that ,”We are extremely saddened that India, the largest democracy in the world, as well as, boasting by far the most extensive free press globally does not see fit to participate in this momentous event in which neither politics nor any material or individual gain is involved”.

Belmar added, “In fact this is the second consecutive year that the Indian embassy in Stockholm has seen fit to outright ignore our invitation that was sent in very good time. I, indeed, cannot imagine why they would scorn our efforts to honour the seekers, and victims, of truth in this world of violence”.

These are the questions that our representatives should be asked. Forget about policy, they should be asked about dignity, honour and respect. Were they stuck in an emergency of abominable proportions to give this event a miss? Were they saving petrol? Do they hate journalists? Don’t they value life? Don’t they have people they love? Do they have children at home? Are they representing India?

And Antigone preferred death.



1. Vinod Sharma - November 19, 2008

our civil servants are not supposed to be questioned! if you ask, the stock reply that you will get will put anyone to sleep.

2. hedonist666 - November 28, 2008

Hi astralwicks, like your post… and I would agree with Vinod. But if you could read their minds and get an honest reply that way, I think it would be “We really can’t bothered, actually. We didn’t know any of those journalists personally.”

3. astralwicks - November 28, 2008

hi hedonist666 welcome to the blog…thanks for liking. I think its not that. If the same event was to get them media coverage and good PR mileage that would further their career they would do it.

It is simple bad breeding in my opinion.

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