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Patil Out, Pakistan Next November 30, 2008

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Finally, Mr. Shivraj Patil has put in his papers. Or, as the gossip goes, he was asked by the party president Mrs. Gandhi to. It’s a sad state of affairs that even for relinquishing that thankless post that the entire nation now equates with inefficiency he couldn’t follow his conscience, but had to be asked. Will efficiency henceforth be the criteria for appointments or loyalty, your guess is as good as mine.

Pakistan next. India is on the verge of suspending the ceasefire on it western and northern borders. India should also suspend all trade, bus and air routes to this nation that is absolutely shameless. No wonder its people suffer from the rulers that they get. No cricket. No exchange during Id or Diwali. We are your enemies. You see us as enemies and so shall we. Tough international sanctions must be imposed on this wolf in a sheeps clothing, crying hoarse that they are victims of terror. Manmohan Singh believed this spiel. So did Advani and Atal and were back stabbed by Kargil. Still we believe the the janus in nexus – the administration and the military.

There is a time for peace and unfortunately a time for more stringent measures if not war. A lot depends on how the politicians and political parties. RR Patil must be prosecuted for his statements. How insensitive and callous can the deputy chief minister of Maharashtra get? He is congratulating himself and government for saving the lives of roughly 4650 people as according to his estimates 5000 dead was the target of the terrorists.

Will Vilasrao still continue to be the chief minister to keep other regional satraps out of power. Or will a person with a vision for the state, its people and one who understands the extra-ordinary role that Mumbai plays be allowed to ascend the chair.

I am sure other than some cosmetic measures nothing much will change. The current rage should not dissipate. I went to a citizines initiative in the morning today where people couldn’t come to a conclusion as to the route to be adopted. There are ANGER marches being planned against the government,  both at the center and the state. Most are frustrated with the apathy all around. Will peaceful pressure by numbers of Indian citizens have an impact on the politicians?

If not taken notice, one day it might not be peaceful any more.



1. manju - November 30, 2008

Astralwicks, it is indeed a sad state of affairs that the Home Minister did not resign before this.

One news channel just said that P.Chidambaram will become the next Home Minister. I sincerely hope not.

Just as he has said that there is no economic crisis in India, he will now say that there is no terror situation.

We need someone who is not afraid to face the facts, as Home Minister.

2. Vinod Sharma - November 30, 2008

Firing of Shivraj Patil means little; he was as good as dead for 5 years in any case. Fire the babus who run the home ministry; fire the babus who have hijacked the National security council; fire the nsa…really, there is hardly any politician or babu who has anything to do with internal security who deserves to stay on; the rot is so deep

3. astralwicks - November 30, 2008

Manju welcome to the blog. PC has become the Home Minister. And the PM will handle finance. He might very well say that and half of India will believe the confident paternal voice of PC.

@Vinod…Mr. Patil I agree should have been history a long time back. The nexus that you are talking about in government is well entrenched and to break that needs herculean will.

4. Quirky Indian - December 2, 2008

“I am sure other than some cosmetic measures nothing much will change.”

I have to agree with that.

As for your experience at the citizen’s meet: do you want to bet that come February, all this will be forgotten? And when the elections come around, we will be back to being the linguistic, regional, religious and casteist chauvinists that we are…

Quirky Indian

5. astralwicks - December 2, 2008

Forget next year when a couple of days after such a barbaric attack not more than 30 people turned up at the event. People become eloquent even when they whiff a mike nowadays but when it entails coming out and doing their bit, they would rather prefer the air conditioner.

It is indeed tragic and true that people deserve the leaders they get.

It is the youth that have to take the lead. The best example being the US elections. A new vote bank was created by Obama using social media platforms and community organization. A movement ground up that does not believe in the stupidities of the past – caste, religion, language, race etc. Only then…

6. dogstail - December 3, 2008

Astral, there is no hope we are destined to die either fighting each other or some rogue pakistani.The ROt is deep, those who can have already escaped.

7. myexpression - December 3, 2008

well there is no doubt that our poilitical system has failed; but is that a news!!! it died when militancy started in J&K about 20years ago; and no one has done anything solid as yet to solve it. its very interesting that we choose these fuckers to power and then we cry; i’m sorry i guess most us dont even vote; so we have no right to complain about anything… we watch news like we would have watched a flick; we get emoed up and we think about it in our heads for days and then something new catches our attention; we move on. what can we do? maybe boycott elections of all kinds; we can or we should refuse to pay taxes; i dont want to pay for such huge security lapses; i dont want my money to be spent on security of these useless ministers; when firstly they cant perform and later shamelessly become callous; some 250 crore is blown up on these creatures every year.
after the tragic event my most educated and cultured friends said that you know there is something wrong with muslims, despite there education they still become jihadis; its a sad and careless statement; its almost joining narendra modi. and its not that hindus, jews, christians or others have not been terrorists or will not be in future.
perhaps what we need to do is to abolish; rubbish our religions; and pls lets not get into that kind of discussion; saying that its not religion we worship god and that god is in our hearts; which is rubbish; had that been the case we would not have gotten agitated over some mandir which existed or not; no one really knows; and people who want to say that no there was a mandir and there are proofs; then let me tell those people that you believe what you want to believe in. our (read human race) religion and god both need reinvention; they are dated. we need to make a new world; a new god; a new religion; i want to join politics; do i have partners???

8. astralwicks - December 4, 2008

Yes myexpression you have partners…increasingly more young people who for long have been callous will join politics. Will the corruption disappear? No. But an increasing number of wrong doers have the chance of being punished.

If you haven’t then please read this https://astralwicks.wordpress.com/2008/09/17/times-up-for-god/

might interest you.

It is also true that whenever the seemingly educated, intellectual, literate class of whichever religion instead of finding answers resort to history or past injustice (perceived or true) it actually serves as an excuse for the perpetrator. Similar to Javed Jaffrey’s comment that ‘there is no justice in India’ and therefor the attack on the Taj.

Imagine what the LeT, Jaish or for that matter the Pakistani establishment must be feeling at this comment. They feel RIGHT. They feel that they are taking revenge for the injustice that is being perpetrated on the hapless muslim population of india. It might be a slip of the tongue similar to RR Patil, Naqvi and the Keral CM, but it is harmful.

One more thing – God is a story, a parable. And at the end of the day Gods have too much of blood on their hands. They might have existed, but as per latest information are nowhere to be found.

9. myexpression - December 4, 2008

hmmm… read the post… i agree…

10. 1conoclast - December 22, 2008

1 question. Shivraj deserved to be fired a long time back of course! Ditto Vilasrao & RR!
Why are we not saying anything about the CM’s & HM’s of Karnataka, Rajasthan & Gujarat where there were terrorist attacks as well??? Don’t they deserve a sacking as well?
And also consider this question please.

11. astralwicks - December 23, 2008

What about Navin Patnaik? He is more of a danger than the rightfully hated Mody. Navin is non-threatening and perfectly passive for the most amount of time so that whoever has any grudge can wreck vengeance till Mr. Chief Minister wakes up from his whiskey sleep.

12. 1conoclast - December 23, 2008

Him too! He’s unworthy of his father’s name!

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