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Dear Pakistanis – a letter from India December 9, 2008

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Dear All Pakistanis

Many wishes on Bakri Eid. On this auspicious day I would
like to get in touch with as many of my neighbour’s as possible, considering
that we don’t treat each other with a shred of respect or trust. That is an
over-statement. We do exchange liberals, pleasantries, sweets and cricket
for sure.

We also exchange a whole lot of artillery, bombs and hate.
Courtesy our history. Why to blame history? Why blame 1947 all the time. I have
stopped. How many generations have to die to forget the wounds of that horrible
partition? Nobody has any answers to that?

A little about India. Probably you know a lot
already, but here is a bit more.

We are all angry zealots here.

We have camps here where Hindu’s practice bombing Pakistnai
towns and cities.

The ambition of all rich and poor youngsters who practice in
these camps (yes wonder of wonders rich and poor together – the benefits of a
common enemy you see) here is to spread the saffron flag in all regions of the
world and popularize Hindu Gods all over this glorious earth

in fact is not a multi-religious country at all. The Indian STATE regularly
torments people of all other religions

Everyday numerous legions of people who profess a religion
other than Hindusim are slaughtered – the recent attack on churches in fact was
an aberration – what actually happened was – the Christians briefly gained guts
and started attacking the vandals – briefly – that’s the real story

The Indian Media is quite pathetic. It is controlled by a nexus of State/Capitalists/Hindus/Liberals – quite bizarre actually. Orwell himself approves of this combination

We are the most honest lot in the world. Period.

It is a corruption free country. Please check it out for

Cricket is actually not that popular in the country. Nor is
Bollywood. All that is hype and projection.

There is peace everywhere in our land. No violence.

The riots that happen in India are not because of social
tensions and exploitation by various power groups. It is because of deep,
extreme boredom amongst communities who then just do it…following the
empowering American mantra

Babri Masjid was actually not demolished by zealot Hindus.
It was the handiwork of non-state actors from…let me get back to you on this.

Dawood Ibrahim regularly plays cricket in front on his house
in central Mumbai. With the cops in fact.

I won’t go any further because I don’t think you will trust
me. But I am sure you will have your own sources to figure out what is true and
what is false. You will get all the ‘evidence’ needed to satiate your
inquisitive brain. Actually for you all of this is a no-brainer. Isn’t it?

Many wishes and all the best.


A deluded, chaotic, corrupt, violent, India. Hell, I said



1. Vinod Sharma - December 9, 2008

Nice sarcasm…also, Indian politicians are all honest, caring-for-people and Indians bureaucrats are the most hard working, dynamic and result driven ‘professionals’ in the world. Babri Masjid was actuall destroyed by Muslim fundamentalists so that they could play their games with like-minded Hindus…the ones who are responsible for Mumbai 11/26…….

2. astralwicks - December 9, 2008

ha ha vinod…how could I forget the bureaucrats?

3. A - December 10, 2008

Crisp and acidic.

4. Kaustuv - December 10, 2008

if you hate hindus and india so much, then fuck off to cambodia, darfur, or islamic hellholes like saudi arabia and pukistan.

PS: name me just ONE secular muslim country 🙂

5. astralwicks - December 11, 2008

hi kaustav…welcome to the blog. I don’t think you are familiar with sarcasm, black humor etc, have fun…

6. hedonist666 - December 15, 2008

🙂 sweet. Not to mention 90% of the population is actually very well off, contrary to popular beliefs about poverty; those are just dirty rumours spread to make India look bad in international media..

7. astralwicks - December 15, 2008

thanks @hedonist666 you hit the nail…

8. Anurag Tiwari - December 15, 2008

Thanks for voicing a common man’s and a voter’s plight. Keep the good work going and Let the Tribe Grow

9. astralwicks - December 16, 2008

hey anurag…welcome and thanks

10. I won an award! Whoohoo! « Just life… - December 16, 2008

[…] they are to be passed on… so I shall do exactly that. I will award it to astralwicks, as an ode to dark humour, sarcasm and cynicism which in my opinion is the only non-ignorant way of dealing with reality that […]

11. astralwicks - December 16, 2008

whoa…thanks 🙂

12. lvs - December 25, 2008

But seriously who has problems with 1947? I think you are being an extremist in this article.

13. astralwicks - December 26, 2008

hi @ivy welcome to the blog…just being sarcsatic…needs to be taken with a pinch of salt

14. Gopinath Mavinkurve - December 28, 2008

Astralwicks, I had been seeing your comments on Vinod Sharma’s blog. First time around here. Your last 2 posts are about India and Pakistan…the garma garam baatein or lack of batein.

Do read my latest post http://whatnonsanz.blogspot.com/2008/12/good-ways.html

Do read my other posts too!

15. Jimit - January 1, 2009

another good one, you are really creative..!!

16. Indian Homemaker - January 8, 2009

Brilliant again …!
Never thought sarcasm could sound so good 🙂

17. astralwicks - January 8, 2009

hey thanks @indianhomemaker…such are the times 🙂

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