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Kasav is Pakistani January 7, 2009

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Kasab (Kasav) is Pakistani. In a roundabout manner the Pakistani government has accepted that the lone captured gunman of the 26th nov atttack on Mumbai/Bombay is indeed from their territory. After more than a month of denial and abrasive posturing the Pakistani government has found its 1st scapegoat. NSA chief Mahmud Ali Durrani has been sacked for making statements about Ajmal Kasav without the consultation of Prime Minister Gilani. 

Where will this lead? Does this mean th first signs of good intent from our neighbour? Or will it lead to more obfuscation? Only time will tell.

Will this acceptance lead to a momentous attitudinal shift in echelons of power in Pakistan? Will the weak government suddenly gain the balls to take on the well entrenched nexus between the rogue military, intelligence agencies and the militants? Will the civil society rally behind the government or is hatred of India too rooted and entrenched to even make them realize that opposing and uprooting terrorism is as much of a benefit to them as it to India and the region?

Before I run away astride my horse of romantic idealism lets touch base with reality – it is going to be a long and hard battle to reach thresholds of sanity. Probably a decade to undo the institutionalized terror networks; to weed out the silent sympathizers and to given birth to new relationships. 

Kasav could be the beginning. Will Pakistan take the opportunity?



1. Vinod Sharma - January 8, 2009

When a guy is caught with his pants down, what choice does he have? If Ramalinga Raju suddenly wants to confess to swindling only because he knows that he can no longer get away, we should not rush to worship him for becoming a saint. The public admission about Kasav is only going to temporarily make them more cautious…had everyone in Pakistan’s establishment not known from day one that he was a Pakistani? Look at the shameless lies that were on for 42 days and not the admission which has come only because there was no other way….

2. Quirky Indian - January 8, 2009

“Kasav could be the beginning. Will Pakistan take the opportunity?”

As you have mentioned, we should find out in about 10 years or so. Tab tak, carry on jaani! 🙂

Best for 2009,

Quirky Indian

3. astralwicks - January 8, 2009

Yes Vinod this admission might lead to more buying of time to study evidence and then further stonewalling in the hope that the world and India gets busy with some other issue or tragedy and all will be good by then. Some efforts to resume Track II diplomacy will be undertaken and probably accepted as a sign of building confidence and by then the militants and their masters would have regrouped.

We have seen this before.

4. astralwicks - January 8, 2009

best to you too Quirky…2009 and beyond

5. gudus - January 8, 2009

Durrani sacked, Sherry too maybe? Sure they’ll deny Kasab in a day or too…The diplomats on both sides (with whisky soda in hand) must be in splits , seeing these politicians fumbling, fuming and doing somersaults in front of the public. Them civil service chappies know everything, nothing’s new, and nothing’s going to change. It’s all a big charade…all this high rhetoric. We need action, not talk. Will that ever happen? Ask the Sir Humphrey Appleby

6. astralwicks - January 8, 2009

A Sherry in hand is worth 2 in the bush. No, Sherry is articulate eye candy so she will stay. Of course they know everything, but believing in the Gandhian principles, they decide to stay quiet inspite of constant Indian provocation so that war is avoided at all costs and the terrorists can wage low-intensity warfare.

How cool are they as strategists?

7. chaubey - January 12, 2009

‘Probably a decade to undo the institutionalized terror networks’ – too optimistic.. this is a war that began before we were born and i suspect, is going to continue well past our lifetime..

8. astralwicks - January 13, 2009

welcome back to the comments section 🙂 I don’t want to believe that but who knows…human race has never shied from self destruction

9. Charakan - January 14, 2009

All too pessimistic? Civil Society in Pakistan obviously gain more in weeding out the jehadists than India.Let us hope they will see the light.

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