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In the name of Lord Ram January 26, 2009

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Let us attack people.
Let us also kill them.
Let us burn.
Let us loot.

For we are the guardians.
We know what is right.
We know that we are wrong.

Our word is law.

We pray and go to the temple, therefore we are right.

We have money, muscle and yes that makes us right.

We are right, because you are peace-loving and non-violent.
We are right, because you do not protest.

We will again slap, hit, spit, molest and rape you.
Kill you too because the good lord and religion is on my side.

We are the keepers of the faith…in Mangalore and everywhere.

We are strong because we are united in our hate and you…your love is weak.

It only talks, writes and forgets.

We are watching you.



1. IndianHomemaker - January 26, 2009

Why aren’t they being BANNED?
And what a way to remind us that our Constitution guarantees us Liberty, Equality and even JUSTICE!

2. Nimmy - January 26, 2009

We have money, muscle and yes that makes us right

We are right, because you do not protest

We are strong because we are united in our hate and you…your love is weak.

It only talks, writes and forgets

Wow..couln’t say it better..Too good..Ah,then again,”It only talks, writes and forgets” 🙂 Pathetic we (atleast me)

Good day

3. astralwicks - January 26, 2009

@indian homemaker – they have political backing.and just a day before we celebrate our republic day. what is happening?

@nimmy – all of us are to blame. these local terrorists have to be dealt with as severely as the foreign ones.

4. Vinod Sharma - January 26, 2009

This is nothing short of a disgrace. It is revolting and is an affront to the culture and civilisation of this country, the very one they want to ‘protect’. Just goes to show what a few mad men are capable of doing. The BJP needs to take responsibility for the behaviour of such elements. It cannot keep saying that they do not belong to the party, if it wants to be taken seriously as a responsible national party. There is a limit to everything.

5. astralwicks - January 26, 2009

@vinod – will BJP acknowledge? These criminals should be taught a lesson in the coming elections. Outright rejection at all levels.

6. Vijay - January 26, 2009

Instead of asking for a Ban on the Bajrang dal and the rama sene… Why dont we stop supporting BJP who has supported these goons always.. Its a shame on the BJP government to allow this even after they were opposed during the church attacks… If this continues, days wont be far when even we might have to take weapons and roam so that we save ourselves.. And I guess the police had the prior info of this incident as usual as the hindi movies they arrived after the show..

7. Quirky Indian - January 27, 2009

What a great country we live in! I wonder if things will change at all.

Quirky Indian

8. astralwicks - January 27, 2009

@vijay – high time people rejected violence in politics. as the mahatma said – there is no way to peace, peace is the way.

Even today lumpen elements are terrorizing ordinary citizens. And what is the government doing? Center or state all should be ashamed.

@quirky – they will but it is going to be fight. lets prime ourselves for it.

9. Manisha - January 27, 2009

Its about time we stop calling ourselves ‘ordinary citizens’. We are the ones who belittle ourselves…n in doin that make people like these feel powerful n important.
Political or otherwise…what those girls went through is simply not acceptable….Not acceptable..!!

10. astralwicks - January 27, 2009

@manisha i agree – we should stop using the derogatory reference, which people assume to be a sign of weakness.

This should only make us strong in our resolve to uproot these pathetic criminals and their behind the scenes supporters.

11. ali bhai - January 27, 2009

hah! if this post and its 11 responses don’t change the world i really don’t know what will. way to go!!

12. astralwicks - January 28, 2009

@alibhai this post, these responses, your welcome sarcasm…probably nothing will but it is worth a shot ain’t it?

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