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A for Violence – The New Panacea January 29, 2009

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Ma, Pa look at that brave man. He attacks and gets away. Only 40 criminal cases against him. So cool. So successful. He waves at crowds ma. He has followers pa. I want to be like him. Even the cops don’t touch him. Why are you not like him Pa. So brave. So rough and tough. I will become like him.

Things people do to stop pub / western / new culture. Gehlot, Yedyurappa and Muthalik all are custodians now. We have parents, teachers, principals, police and the State…all telling us what is right. UNILATERALLY.

If I don’t listen, then I should be prepared to be.

a) attacked

b) be molested

c) or be bannned

Meanwhile Shiv Sena,  MNS, Bajraj Dal belive that what is life without a bit of destruction of public and private property.

Have a problem. Have to protest. Want a solution.Then…

Break. Attack. Destroy. Set Fire.

Collateral damage. Who cares? Must have slipped on a banana peel, the idiot.

We have absolutely the best teachers & role models for the children of India.



1. IndianHomemaker - January 29, 2009

The latest news is that this Ravan Sena has links with Abhinav Bharat. So although they can never be punished for molesting a mere woman in this country maybe they can be tried for terrorism?
We want a safe country. Without safe women.

2. astralwicks - January 29, 2009

I am sure all hate ideology will pay obeisance to each other one way or the other.

All their sympathizers have to be routed in the coming elections.

Problem is even conservatives in the congress like Gehlot has proved himself to be are adding fuel to the culture vs obscenity debate by making statements that these hate mongers can use and abuse.

But each and every one of them has to be weeded out.

3. Quirky Indian - February 2, 2009

“We have absolutely the best teachers & role models for the children of India.”

That we do. And that’s why we’ll be a superpower one day!

I had written this some time ago. Echoes the same sentiments. You might want to read it.


Quirky Indian

4. astralwicks - February 2, 2009

oh quirky hope i didn’t copy you…only inspired 🙂

5. Quirky Indian - February 2, 2009

Not at all….I only talked about our love for mob violence.

Great minds think alike. 🙂


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