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India Votes – 2009; Hate Works March 28, 2009

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It’s been a long time since I have keyed words to the screen. Lots has happened. The Indian elections are at hand. A great spectacle of nonsense. Why you might ask is the greatest exercise in democracy summarily being dismissed as nonsense. The aspirations of a billion people, 1/6th of the entire world will be dumped in ballot boxes. Isn’t that a reason to celebrate? Not any more. I am running out of patience.

I made a Facebook group a month or so ago called ‘Reveal the Manifesto’. 1 person a friend has joined it till today. Nobody else was interested in the group the purpose of which was to discuss the strange practice of Indian political parties – leaving old alliances and stitching new ones on perceived gains; to buffer against anti-incumbency; to have a better bargaining power etc and what not. And not releasing the MANIFESTO.

Where was the MANIFESTO I wondered? Nowhere. Some 2 weeks later the Congress released its please – all manifesto. Nobody debated it.

Because we are discussing the hate speech of Varun Gandhi. The entire 2009 elections seems to be about this 1 speech. It is indeed bizarre that no political party wants to change the discourse. The allegations and counter-allegations serve all political parties. One is the secular bandwagon and the other is the right wing. Nobody wants to say, O.K lets discuss policies, plans and vision for the country. Why? Because nobody has a vision and a plan.

Accusation, Spin and Propaganda – these are the 3 pillars of the current electoral process.

BJP: He is a weak prime minister. In fact, he is not.

Congress: He is not capable, hates people

Commies: we hate all.

BSP: make me the Prime Minister

The others, the regional parties are in it to get a better bargain later on. I am of course exaggerating. The state elections some time back were fought on ground realities and didn’t fall prey to any national wave. Even Sheila Dixit, won right after the 26th November 2008 assault on Mumbi after which security became the only talking point.

So what has happened? What has shifted since then? Nothing much.

Hate is a powerful tool. Shiv Sena, MNS, BJP, CPI(M), Congress all have blood on their hands. Old blood, new blood…we all have blood on our hands. So…lets all obfuscate and fool the public. Lets rail against each other. The public blinded will not go and vote. That lag will be covered by bogus voting. We will all win some seats. Oh we are falling short. Lets buy some people like us who are corrupt. There in the expensive resorts funded by rich capitalists we shall all get naked, swim in champagne and cheap liquor, fatten our outstation bank accounts and come back and reclaim our virginity – the media is by our side.

Why can’t we debate about health, education, development, rights, equity, environment, women’s rights, children’s rights, peace…are these invalid. Is growth, safety and equality not saleable? Are we blind as a nation? And it is not an urban – rural divide. There are more right wingers you will meet in a Mumbai local than in the fields of the hinterland.

I will not vote. And if you think by not voting I am not a part of the system you are wrong.



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2. Vinod Sharma - March 29, 2009

Astralwicks, your feelings are justified and you cynicism bites…but those who should be bitten have the skins of rhinos. Issues of governance have been totally sacrificed at the alter of petty, fractured politics.

3. chaubey - March 29, 2009

its really looking bad this time around.. empty elections.. regional politics is more interesting to follow, at the national level, its just bad theatre.. the varun gandhi episode is such a farce..

4. Indian Homemaker - March 29, 2009

I was wondering where you were!
You are right no difference. it does look rather bleak.

5. Siddharth Singh - March 29, 2009

No! Please vote! For someone! Anyone! There are like 10-15 names on average on your EVM! At least one would be non-corrupt-non-rhetorical!

Or vote for the least-bad.

Not beacsue you would “not be in the system” if you don’t. No, there are no good reasons why individuals should be compelled to vote. But you seem politically conscious. The track records of different governments are known. They won’t debate, but we already know what most have done. That counts for something!

6. Quirky Indian - March 30, 2009

Didn’t you once leave a comment on my blog that parties shouldn’t be allowed to deviate from their manifestos? That’s a great idea, and I wish something could be done about it.

Of course, if only one person has joined the Facebook group, then we all know where we’re headed. People are more interested in joining the “Aamir Khan Fan Club” or something equally stupid.

Quirky Indian

7. astralwicks - March 30, 2009

@ vinod – it is despicable and depressing

@chaubey – it is indeed theater of the absurd

@indianhomemaker – too depressed to type I guess…hopefully back 🙂

@siddharth – welcome to the blog. My i-card is of a different place than my residence so either I go back and vote or am officially disqualified because of lack of such provisions to the on-the-move person. Keep the passion. I want my right to reject.

@quirky – yes i did. But ‘Manifesto’s have no relevance in India. And yes, Aamir Khan is way ahead 🙂

8. supichka - March 31, 2009

Bleak times, indeed! Just a question tho’ – If you were able to cast your vote despite being registered in another location, wouldn’t you rather place your mark in the ‘no eligible candidate’ space?

If India’s 1 billion voters came out and voted that way, reducing the vote coffers of all parties, would someone stand up and take notice of the disillusionment of the citizenry with the democratic process? Maybe I’m being hopeful about change, perhaps the status quo shall remain… but isn’t it worth a try?

9. astralwicks - March 31, 2009

@supichka welcome to the blog. I would indeed if given the opportunity. probably that’s the reason that the right to reject is still not a right. Even if a majority vote against any of the candidates the person with the most will still win.

No. I don’t think the status quo will remain and things will change, are changing but the pace is slow too slow…

10. supichka - March 31, 2009

I’m glad that you see it’s changing, albeit slowly. Questions are being raised, more than ever before, and the answers are trickling in…A loose brick in the dam maybe the beginning needed, before change gushes forth… Just keep at it 🙂

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