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Shoe Prank Redemption April 7, 2009

Posted by astralwicks in india, India Elections 2009, justice, Opinion, People, Politics, protest, Random, violence.
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Jarnail Singh threw a shoe. Should he, a journalist, thought of his professional code first and foremost, repressed his anger and carried on reporting in a non-partisan manner? This is being ad nauseum on all the TV channels. Most ardently by Barkha and Arnab. Barkha, it seems, takes it as a personal affront – so zealously she guards her rarefied code. Arnab, artistically stuttering, goes with the flow of the arguments of his esteemed guests.

Jarnail Singh might not want to be a hero, but unwittingly, he has. 25 years and still counting and no justice. Enough for a reasonable man or a woman to feel angry, depressed, sad, waver, lose focus, feel helpless and uncared for, decide to take the one step that will define him perhaps for the rest of his life, stake everything on that one moment that one might later regret and yet steel oneself and do it because…he was just a man

Long live the protest of the individual soul.



1. indianhomemaker - April 8, 2009

This sort of protest can be dangerous on two counts, it can create an environment encouraging the rival political groups to create a communal hatred and get votes for themselves., and we might see more such attacks, not always even half as excusable as this one.

2. Vinod Sharma - April 8, 2009

I think the Congress party has as always ridden rough over Sikh sentiments. I simply do not understand why Tytler and Sajjan Kumar have to be fielded again and again when every time the same script is played out. This arrogance and disconnect with people is one reason why the Congress is today less than 1/3 of what it was.

Of course, what Jarnail, a journalist did was inexcusable because journalists are supposed to be neutral. But are they? Barkha routinely throws a volley of “verbal shoes” at political parties she does not like!

3. astralwicks - April 8, 2009

@Indian I agree this sort of protest is dangerous and will provide inputs to political parties to suit it to their divisive agenda. But I see Jarnail’s protest as a singularly individual attempt to jolt the system that has been sleeping for 25 years. And P.C by saying that he will not take any more questions betrayed a lack of empathy that is not expected of him. This will be milked by the saffron gang too I am sure, but I hope people will see Jarnail’s protest for what it is – an attempt to not forget the carnage of 1984.

A similar shoe I am sure is being prepared for Modi.

@Vinod – i completely agree with you. They candidacy has been repeatedly thrown back at the Sikhs – in sheer contempt or for some unseen political gains – nobody knows the reasons but – this is as good a wake up call as any.

4. supichka - April 8, 2009

It’s a shame that justice needs such reminders…individual protest and journalistic code notwithstanding…

5. Indyeah - April 9, 2009

yes the congress has acted so insensitively time and time again..I mean dont they have anyone else apart from these peopel as candidates?

Yes what Jarnail did as a journalist was inexcusable and yet the Sikh in him must have been anguished and enraged…25 years!!My god! thats a time for a whole new generation to be born! and here we cant even give justice to the victims of a carnage?
And infact rub more salt into their wounds by fieding the perpetrators as candidates?

6. Gargi - April 9, 2009

I agree with that Jarnail Singh did not want to be hero. But one thing sure that as a journalists he failed to control his emotion (anger). So he did that. it is the wrong way of protesting. I like ur blog so in the idea contest I had givem ur blog name

it is the link.

7. astralwicks - April 9, 2009

@supichka its an absolute shame and so callous…

@inidyeah it is indeed sad and strange that the party that is always sitting on a high horse does this time and again with regard to Delhi. Who is this insensitive person handling Delhi?

@gargi welcome to the blog…yes Jarnail failed to control his emotions, but waited for a long time you will agree…thanks for the recommendation 🙂

8. V - April 9, 2009

you know norms and rules will be broken in times like these when justice has failed and do we need any more proof for it; jarnail singh is a human before being anything else; i wish that this one shoe becomes the predecessor of the revolution that is growing in the hearts of people and if we open our eyes fully we’ll see how we have been cheated by these buggers time and again; they (read all political parties) have managed to divide us on language, religion, river water and what not; time we wake up and throw more shoes…

9. astralwicks - April 10, 2009

@ v – welcome back to the blog. I have missed your angry but pertinent comments. Yes the humble shoe has acquired a new soul.

It is we idiots who are always getting divided on everything from clothing to lifestyle…I am not even getting close to god etc…yes time for more creative protests to shame the glib and insensitive men and women at the helm.

10. chaubey - April 11, 2009

aur maro.. zor se maro..

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