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Aliens Exist April 12, 2009

Posted by astralwicks in Aliens, Bizarre, india, manifesto, Opinion, Politics, strange, Writing.
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A long long time ago, tucked in the winter bed in Jamshedpur, I wondered – do Aliens exist? There of course was no answer. Parents, teachers, friends, elder siblings none had an answer. A few years later,  now an adult, I thought probably gods were aliens. They ruled on earth and then slowly abandoned earth in their technologically advanced ‘pushpak  vihanas’.

Yesterday I got the answer. Aliens do exist. And they are amongst us!! They reared their oh so common and innocent heads once again. Normally you would not be able to identify them. NO. They have 1 head, 2 eyes etc but…

They want to ban computers

Ban premium English schools

Ban agricultural equipment

Banning Mall culture

No share trading

Yes. This is the Samajwadi Party speaking to you. We want to build a new society ladies and gentlemen. Hark, hark – oh idiot Indians. Don’t mind the abuse for ‘IDIOT’ is in fact just the opposite. Just like our manifesto.

Please vote for me because I am going to take you back a few centuries back. Return to Nature is the key. We shall use bullock carts and increase acreage. We shall send our children to the most expensive english schools but your kids can go to hell.

We shall keep you poor, backward, helpless, illiterate, divided and year after year we shall come and ask for votes.  Every year we shall create a new enemy – Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Brahmins, Thakurs, Educated, Urbanites, Biharis, Locals…

And you being the same miserable lot 5 years back will again fall for me – because I will at least help you survive – by throwing my largesse at you.

I will not let you be strong, independent, capable and efficient. You might dethrone me. I am the new Raja.

These are the people asking for our votes. Brazen anti-humanists who are impinging on our collective rights to live in an equal society.

At least now I know.



1. V - April 12, 2009

#@#$ these people… grrrr…
i wish people understand what this manifesto really means and defeat it with their voting…

2. Indian Homemaker - April 12, 2009

… these guys are dangerous.
I have heard protests of how use of computer creates unemployment, so it is easy to imagine them getting votes for this. Why won’t they make the – little effort to win votes encouraging industries, opening more schools, and building better infrastructure…and creating more jobs,
This is getting worse by the day.

3. Amit - April 13, 2009

Some of the Key points in Samajwadi Party Manifesto released yesterday…

They are talking about abolishing-
1) English education from most of the schools(pvt and public)
2) Usage of Computers
3) Usage of all agricultural equipments(tractors, etc)
The list goes on… & yes cut in high Corporate salaries.
Its tough to choose my favourite from the list or should I say its tough to choose the best which will hit Indian economy…
Read more:-http://duggisworld.blogspot.com/2009/04/samajwadi-party-manifesto.html

4. astralwicks - April 13, 2009

@V – these guys are shrewd. They know that the poor illiterate can easily be conned with this drivel. They are positing the other as evil – the other who is visibly more successful, dresses differently, shares almost nothing with their deprivation. They will believe Messrs Yadav and Gang. It is not the ignorance of the former but the vileness of the latter that is appalling

@indianhomemaker – the depths some can plunge is puke-inducing.

@amit – welcome to the blog

5. Indian Homemaker - April 14, 2009

Yes I agree. And I know that people believe this drivel, that makes it terrifying, I only hope they do not win. Given the options I think congress is the only one who are not talking about chopping hands or banning computers… and this elections we can go all down or somehow start looking up.

6. astralwicks - April 15, 2009

@indianhomemaker – yes we have no option but to choose the least harmful; reject the haters and in a slow-burning process teach the politicos that divisiveness won’t bring dividends.

7. gudus - April 15, 2009

but why do you think aliens are evil? these are no aliens..they were born here..in Indian villages and towns and cities, brought up in our country, their country. They are like us, they breathe and eat and fart and fuck and die. They can be killed. They should be killed. Each strand of hair in their body, one follicle at a time, should be pulled out. The skin should be peeled and the fat, melted. And in that oil, we should fry their eyes and blend it with the brain. Squeeze their testicles and serve chilled. Nafisa, take a sip.

8. astralwicks - April 16, 2009

@gudu welcome – you are back with a vengeance o the 1st phase of polling!! wonderful recipe you have concocted – for a young and new India.

9. V - April 16, 2009

@ gudus bhai kya gussa hai…

10. Quirky Indian - April 17, 2009

Well, if it’s any comfort, it will finally boil down to caste, language and religion. Angrezi and kampooter will be secondary issues.

I thought we were the aliens…. 🙂


Quirky Indian

11. astralwicks - April 17, 2009

@quirky…welcome back…We as loyal Indians will use our ‘inalienable’ right to divide people on the basis of the other Indian trinity you mentioned…

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