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I Con June 24, 2009

Posted by astralwicks in beauty, Bollywood, india, People, Politics, Racism, Random, Writing.
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They are young. They are successful. They are articulate. They are icons.

Sonam Kapoor, the effervescent and nonchalantly retro-charmer of a girl and John Abraham epitomising bulging muscles and quiet dignity both endorse ‘fairness creams’.

Why would 2 seemingly intelligent people of this generation who spout socially conscious sentences at every journalistic intrusion do this? The obvious answer is money. That ancient temptation that has scorched us has beaten us once again.

And yet we tut tut ad nauseum at the attacks in Australia and anywhere else. When city bred youth, ironically in a profession that pays obeisance only at the altar of beauty thereby revealing its illusory transience, cannot take a stance against a skin whitening cream, what hope do we have from people who we say are mired in centuries old superstition.

Endorsing colas is almost divine.



1. Vinod Sharma - June 24, 2009

This is the same disease as the dowry one. Leaders and others will shout against the evils of dowry publicly, but when it comes to them, dowry demands don’t go away; they just go up!

Personally, I believe that while we can all rant against this “fair” problem, we have to accept that for a host of reasons, people associate beauty with skin colour, among other physical attributes.

How can we expect “intelligent” people belonging to the glamour world to not play a role in cashing on this near-obsession? As you have rightly brought out, money talks.

2. Quirky Indian - June 30, 2009

Loved the post title.

It’s all a load of crap. Our icons will sell their mothers for money. And why not, considering everyone else is doing the same thing?

And we’re a fine bunch to talk about racism….when we are the most racist people in the world. We discriminate on the basis of language, caste, religion, class and colour. At least the Aussies only discriminate on the basis of colour.

Endorsing colas is almost divine. So true.

Quirky Indian

3. sm - July 27, 2009

good post, do you think the people who are born with racisim inbuilt in blood ,what they will do and behave.

4. astralwicks - August 3, 2009

hi sm welcome to the blog. are people born racists? is that what you are asking. well, whats important is that they ‘are’ racists.

5. Indian Homemaker - August 18, 2009

😦 They do con. And they have good following too.

Agree with Quirky Indian. We are great at discriminating.

6. niceandnew - March 15, 2010

Hey! Love the headline!

But, I must admit, I am pretty racist myself. (And before everyone pounces on me, let me say, I have a good theory to support me.)

I have the liberty to like someone, and hence, I also have the liberty to dislike someone. I might love people from certain places and have the equal right to dislike people from other places. Yes, that’s a lot of generalising too. But hey, I someone believes they’re not the ‘general’ type, then they’ll be welcome to prove otherwise.

Simple hai.

You like one thing, you dislike the other. Not necessarily to like all, is it?

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