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India’s Parliament House Abandoned August 11, 2009

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Due to various terrorist threats from LET, JEM, HUM, HUJI etc India has finally decided to abandon the hallowed precincts of the parliament house – so far the epicenter of Indian democracy.

A Presidential ordinance has decreed that henceforth whatever little Parliamentary work gets done (after the heckling, walkouts, absenteeism and discussion on the content of sleazy reality shows) will be outsourced to a friendly nation that is not under the threat of extremism. According to preliminary reports of various consultancy firms, the situation looks grim. There are very few nations they say that can pass such an impossible filter.

Arctic and Antarctic is too cold our hot-blooded M.P’s have announced and promptly denounced such plans made by a panel that largely comprised of M.P’s from the north, used to the cold.

Meanwhile the terror groups are disappointed at the sudden turnaround and according to unconfirmed reports, recruitment in LET, JEM has fallen because of the sudden lack of interesting international targets. The de-motivated cadre is being promised newer enemies.

The Parliament House is slated to be converted into a impregnable fortress that no Indian or foreigner can see, touch, admire or destroy.



1. supichka - August 11, 2009

🙂 Welcome Back

2. supichka - August 11, 2009

🙂 Welcome Back…

3. Vinod Sharma - August 12, 2009

I like the sarcasm. I think not only will they abandon Parliament, our politicians will abandon India too for their personal safety, if the threat gets so big. The safest place to relocate them and the Parliament will be North Korea. But since they can’t have fun there, they just might opt for Thailand! With foolproof security, of course. Dying farmers will be able to afford a trip till there, won’t they?

4. astralwicks - August 12, 2009

@supichka thanks

@vinod – Thailand fits the bill perfectly for our politicos 🙂 dying farmers – the rooted sons and daughters of the soil can stay back – somebody has to be loyal or clean the mess in the end…

5. Indian Homemaker - August 18, 2009

Welcome back Asralwicks 🙂

Loved the sarcasm in this post!

Their safety is our biggest concern. I hope we will be able to watch them on live TV where ever they work from – can’t imagine how boring life would be without the entertainment they provide.

Like they say“isme drama hai, violence hai, action hai, scandal hai…

6. astralwicks - August 19, 2009

@indianhomemaker – isme drama hai, action hai…indeed…we shall ironically miss them 🙂

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