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Chalta Hai Yaar November 17, 2009

Posted by astralwicks in 2009, Humor, india, Opinion, Random, strange but true.
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Chew on this

Justice Dinakaran – can’t be a thief because he is a Dalit + he has Karunanidhi’s support

Koda – cannot be a thief because he is a Tribal

Rahul Bhatt – is already a criminal because he met Headley

D Raja – again could have committed a crime, even in oversight, because he is an alliance partner

Bal T – can never be prosecuted because Bombay will be brought on its knees

Raj T – cannot be prosecuted because – again Bombay will be brought to its knees

CPM Violence – cannot be stopped because that’s the only way Marxists can stay in power

Modi – better not touch this guy or else your films will lose Gujarat as territory

Deoband & Jamait-e-Ulema Hind – cannot be chided because of Muslim Votes

Maoists – cannot be stopped because they believe only in violence

Pakistan – cannot be stopped because of fear of being nuked

China – can’t be dealt firmly because of fear of being over run by the Red Army

Nepal – cannot be managed because of no particular reason

Bangladesh – cannot be managed because there is no Bangladesh policy

Bt Brinjal – cannot be stopped because it is an MNC Brinjal

SEZ – cannot be stopped because politicians need to get their daughters and sons married

Arnab Goswami – cannot be stopped – er when does he begin?

Fairness Creams – lets admit – Indian’s are Racists

Fairness Cream Endorsements by Superstars – of course they need the additional millions








1. Vinod Sharma - November 17, 2009

No saints here.

Every reason for not doing what must be done, none for doing it.

Sad state.

Did anyone say superpower?

2. V - November 17, 2009

regressive soaps – it sells

3. supichka - November 18, 2009

chalta hai…daudta hai…bikta hai….hadapta hai…. par kaun kuch karta hai?

4. astralwicks - November 18, 2009

@vinod – sad indeed after 60 years
@v – that too has mutated. just a bit but it has
@supichka – true – yesterday there was a studio poll on some news channel (either NDTV or CNN-IBN) Q. Is corruption no longer an issue with the common man. A. 90% said yes it is not. 10% said yes.

But the point to remember is that it reflects only the mobile speaking, English news channel watching population. Or am I a stupid optimist?

5. supichka - November 23, 2009

are you? …consider the fact that if we were not optimistic of the possibilities of change, how would change begin? tum bhi lagey raho 🙂

6. chaubey - November 23, 2009

please write a sequel to this post about what can be controlled and why. Like freedom of speech.

7. Indian Homemaker - December 10, 2009


8. dogstail - January 18, 2010

Lovely. I could not help crying with laughter.

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