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I Con June 24, 2009

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They are young. They are successful. They are articulate. They are icons.

Sonam Kapoor, the effervescent and nonchalantly retro-charmer of a girl and John Abraham epitomising bulging muscles and quiet dignity both endorse ‘fairness creams’.

Why would 2 seemingly intelligent people of this generation who spout socially conscious sentences at every journalistic intrusion do this? The obvious answer is money. That ancient temptation that has scorched us has beaten us once again.

And yet we tut tut ad nauseum at the attacks in Australia and anywhere else. When city bred youth, ironically in a profession that pays obeisance only at the altar of beauty thereby revealing its illusory transience, cannot take a stance against a skin whitening cream, what hope do we have from people who we say are mired in centuries old superstition.

Endorsing colas is almost divine.


World’s Greatest Loser January 17, 2008

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Another tennis player lost to Roger Federer. Nothing new. Wrong. Hear the loser.

The 35-year-old Santoro, playing in a record 62nd Grand Slam singles tournament, had no answers to Federer’s mastery as he lost 6-1, 6-2, 6-0.

“Everything looks easy to him,” the Frenchman smiled. “There is no space to play. There is no space to hit aces because he’s returning everything.

“I’d love to play him once again. Because it’s so beautiful, what he’s doing,” Santoro added.

Is tennis not a game. Played between individuals, pairs and also between nations. There are more tennis playing nations I am sure than cricket playing ones. Or are tennis players weak, meek and don’t know what gamesmanship or strategy is all about. They do not or cannot play the game of attrition? They just serve, hope to hit an ace, or volley and sit on their chairs, sip energy drinks or have bananas, take bows and walk to the locker rooms in an almost servile manner.

Is that so?

Is it possible for us to love the game so much that we don’t start hating its players?

It is. If we start looking at beauty. In everything.