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Cycle Dharma August 2, 2008

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My office is not more than 5 kms away from home in Mumbai. I take an auto. There are numerous traffic jams and because the auto is open you feel like a rat in a lab inhaling the toxic fumes. 4 kms is a short distance. One can easily cycle it, but I don’t. Various reasons…bad roads, potholes, puddles, assymetrical alignment of the various parts of the road constructed at various times and awful fellow drivers to say the least. There are also other reasons – that India is very hot and Mumbai is humid – you will be in no fit state to work after you reach office etc. But I don’t even do it other times, which is sad and largely because of the reasons mentioned above.

I came across this very interesting blog about Copenhagen called http://www.copenhagencyclechic.com/
and another article reviewing the blog and the blogger’s obsession with woman cyclists of the city, about the tough policy decisions governments have to sometimes enforce so that a slow change at least takes birth.


A DINK Love Story July 17, 2008

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Some months back it was almost idyllic. Get up, get – ready, reach office, get behind work-stations, ideate, make proposals, discuss, debate, fight and by the time it was 7 or 8 leave.


Go home, feed the cat, call over friends or visit them, talk and chat amongst ourselves, cook if the maid was absent (she was absent half the time), watch a bit of television and wrap the night.


We were still doing programming but only the back-end. Once the show was sold and went on floors we had no control or role, which we regretted; sometimes the idea got corrupted or diluted or screwed up along the way.


And then things changed.


Now we work in different offices. She goes to the town side of Mumbai and I commute to the east of Andheri.


She has to take an auto till Andheri station, take a train to Elphinstone, take a cab and reach her office. I have to take an auto to east, which seems easy but in fact is quite painful. Nobody wants to go from west to east, because of horrific traffic and the dug up mess of Metro construction. Mine, I agree is still easier and none of it is romantic.


So of we part in the morning. And then…


Messages, phone calls, chat…thousand ways to pass those lovey-dovey messages or just a tired hi to convey feelings, but…


An on-air show is a demon. An on air daily is…people are still trying to figure that out. For the sake of understanding let’s call it a Frankenstein that will gobble up its master and everyone else in its wake. So the OGS (on going show) has no bank of episodes. Most of the time it is being uploaded, which results in a loss of revenue. So, things have to be stream-lined.


What does she do? She gives feedback. She goes through scripts and gives her inputs. She goes through segments of an episode and makes corrections. She goes through the entire episode and makes corrections.


What’s wrong in this set-up you will ask? All this correction…to feel like a boss and wield the stick and see your work on the big TV!


Everything is wrong if after returning from work at 7 or 8 or 9 or 10 in the night, you still receive 2 episodes at 2 or 4 in the morning to correct. In the meantime scripts to read and correct. In the meantime branding carrots and stick to people…editors, script-writers, creative directors, episode director and series director…


How do I know all this? Because I sit or hover (without talking to her) around her looking and hearing all this. Seeing her tearing her hair, willing to kill the person on the other end of the phone and still being super-polite. She either has headphones or the phone to her ear constantly. I think I am phobic jut by looking!


Because I see her not eating what I have cooked. Because of the too many cups of coffee that she drinks, which helps her in not eating. Because of her recent habit of picking the golden packet and retrieving a cigarette – a habit she kicked successfully for 3 months.


Because I sleep before her now. Because she sleeps at 4 or 5 in the morning. Because she still takes the calls through the early morning.  Because she gets up at 9 not having enough sleep, disoriented and when I try talking to her…she gets pissed.


She has to be angry with someone.

Reliance I want my Refund – Part 2 April 1, 2008

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Everyday you feel like doing something bad to someone or something. It’s not just me for sure. I am quite convinced that everybody, each and every one of us, thinks of doing something drastic, earth-shatteringly anarchic. It could be the guy in a car or bike in front of you who thinks he is a rattle-snake. Or the noisy neighbour with no lift manner. Everyday various degrees of physical and mental harm are played out in our heads and then suppressed. For good. Otherwise the world would not suffer from a population problem.

For the past 2 months I want to take my revenge on 2 corporate entities. One that I have grown up with. The Tatas. I come from Jamshedpur. My father was born there so you can imagine the kind of loyalty I feel, no change it to felt. Buying Tata Sky and installing it was nothing like their now-famous commercial…Isko Laga Dala To Life Jhinaga Lala’ which when translated roughly means that ‘life is all a bed of roses once the bloody machine is plugged into our homes.

I almost broke the machine before it was installed. Various agencies that are disconnected to each other; welcome to off-shoring, outsourcing whatever, call you at odd hours and ask questions which you have already answered a hundred times to the various personnel. Sample this;

9 A.M – Caller – Madam/Sir, can we come at 11.

Receiver: you mean today.

Caller: yes

Receiver: I told your support staff that I leave at 9 and am back by 7 in the evening.

Caller: oh. Ok

Caller at 3 P.M (same day): can we come by 5?

Receiver: today?

Caller: of course!

Receiver: but I told

this story continued for some days. 1 saturday and sunday was spent waiting for these angels of professionalism to dismount and install but zilch.

Now the entire story is being repeated with Reliance who promise NETWORKS anywhere, even in Hell.

After failing to install a Broadnet connection because of greenery (YES – their technology doesn’t work if there are trees close to the connection; especially palm trees) and buildings (in Mumbai)!!I have gonefrom pillar to post but no refund has still seen the light of the day.

The extremely courteous emails acknowledging our problem have been followed up with inaction that would have made the late Prime Minister P.V.NArsimha Rao proud. I am at the edge. I would love to wring their necks and dry them on the many towers that they have built across the country to proliferate their networks.

What they are doing should be construed as harassment and crime.

Any and all help with regard to this would be highly appreciated.

Well Done Doc December 4, 2007

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Doctors in Hyderabad are on strike. There have been 6 official deaths so far of children at just one hospital where the Doctors are on strike. The deaths, the officials say, are routine. Children die everyday. That’s understood. Doctors too go on strike. That’s understood too. But children dying because of Doctors who are strike is not understandable. They have all the energry to shout slongans. All the passion to fight for their rights. All the resolve to protest against exploitative authorities. All the ambition of a prosperous future to stay hungry, not have food or water.

The children apparently don’t have any rights.

They don’t have the voice.

They don’t have the strength.

They are out – numbered by adults.

They can cry, but they will be slapped shut.

So doctors who are educated, come from cultured families and who have taken the Hippocratic oath stand as mute spectators outside the very hospital inside which children are dying. It’s routine of course. Routine carelessness. Let them die, they are none of ours.