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Racism, Child Marriage Etc August 4, 2008

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People unable to comprehend the Colors soap ‘Balika Vadhu’. Whether it is against child marriage or for it?

Rahe Tera Ashirwaad another soap on Colors which had a woman being impregnated by rays of light emanating from the idol of a god/goddess at the altar.

The complete domination of religion on Prime Time television. Began with Ramayana on NDTV; now we have Mahabharata on 9 x; Jai Shri Krishna on Colors; Shani Maharaj on NDTV imagine. There is Sai baba also. Plus most news channels have devoted early evening to all things religious. Another thing – all skewed to Hinduism.

Another skin whitening cream; this time from Nivea for men. And did you see the end of the Ponds Racial Ad starring Saif, Priyanka etc. The lovers finally realize that they are made for each other…now that they both are looking PINK and not DARK or BLACK. Congratulations Saif / Priyanka – you are the Idols of India.

Ranbir Kapoor the new male hottie saying ‘The body is God’s gift to you, I won’t do a tattoo on it and ruin it’

Bipasha Basu saying ‘With every new film I don’t have to prove that I can act’.

Bachna Ae Haseeno the new Yash Raj Film again has a hero by the name…you guessed it right Raj Malhotra.


Reliance I want my Refund – Part 2 April 1, 2008

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Everyday you feel like doing something bad to someone or something. It’s not just me for sure. I am quite convinced that everybody, each and every one of us, thinks of doing something drastic, earth-shatteringly anarchic. It could be the guy in a car or bike in front of you who thinks he is a rattle-snake. Or the noisy neighbour with no lift manner. Everyday various degrees of physical and mental harm are played out in our heads and then suppressed. For good. Otherwise the world would not suffer from a population problem.

For the past 2 months I want to take my revenge on 2 corporate entities. One that I have grown up with. The Tatas. I come from Jamshedpur. My father was born there so you can imagine the kind of loyalty I feel, no change it to felt. Buying Tata Sky and installing it was nothing like their now-famous commercial…Isko Laga Dala To Life Jhinaga Lala’ which when translated roughly means that ‘life is all a bed of roses once the bloody machine is plugged into our homes.

I almost broke the machine before it was installed. Various agencies that are disconnected to each other; welcome to off-shoring, outsourcing whatever, call you at odd hours and ask questions which you have already answered a hundred times to the various personnel. Sample this;

9 A.M – Caller – Madam/Sir, can we come at 11.

Receiver: you mean today.

Caller: yes

Receiver: I told your support staff that I leave at 9 and am back by 7 in the evening.

Caller: oh. Ok

Caller at 3 P.M (same day): can we come by 5?

Receiver: today?

Caller: of course!

Receiver: but I told

this story continued for some days. 1 saturday and sunday was spent waiting for these angels of professionalism to dismount and install but zilch.

Now the entire story is being repeated with Reliance who promise NETWORKS anywhere, even in Hell.

After failing to install a Broadnet connection because of greenery (YES – their technology doesn’t work if there are trees close to the connection; especially palm trees) and buildings (in Mumbai)!!I have gonefrom pillar to post but no refund has still seen the light of the day.

The extremely courteous emails acknowledging our problem have been followed up with inaction that would have made the late Prime Minister P.V.NArsimha Rao proud. I am at the edge. I would love to wring their necks and dry them on the many towers that they have built across the country to proliferate their networks.

What they are doing should be construed as harassment and crime.

Any and all help with regard to this would be highly appreciated.

Reality Show October 26, 2007

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Presumed innocent. Innocent until proven guilty. Guilty by suspicion. Witch hunt. Expose. Sting. That was the talk of the media yesterday in India. Aaj-Tak and its intrepid journalists caught a whole bunch of right – wing activists glaoting about theor role during the Godhra riots. How acts of ommission and commission were a part of official response to the large – scale rioting that took place after the Sabarmati Express, carrying Kar Sevaks from Ayodhya, was torched.

The retaliation against the muslim community was sponsored, supported, encouraged and wiped under the carpet by the Modi administration. Middle – class Hindus from Ahmedabad, with a bank job or an executive working for an MNC were seen rioting during those 3 days of state sponsored pogrom. And then forgotten.

Some honest police officers who took an objection agains the Modi mayhem were alleged by the State of doing some wrong doing or the other. Some of them are still fighting to acquit themselves of baseless allegations imposed and fought by the State.

Meanwhile muslims were killed, their houses razed, their women, children and men raped, killed and secretly buried. No protest was able to move the BJP politicians. Revenge they smelt was good…for shoring up voters.

Zahira Sheikh the most famous of the witnesses did an about face and many a monkey proved its worth in the Gujrat saga that is still to find a closure. The silent Hindus don’t care. A historical wrong is being set right, they are able to convince themselves. What did Congress do in 1984 they ask and before that in the late 70’s in Calcutta? Everybody has a holy cow to be ashamed of and to be proud of. Not to forget the commies.

People in power kill. People in power explot. People in power will not change.

People who are not in power will beg, steal, survive, kill each other, attempt to kill the more powerful and then be crushed.

The rest will make excellent viewers. That’s reality.

Like dediciated television audiences there were various reactions on watching the report. Don’t we already know about who killed whom and how? Yes, of course, we do, but we don’t have evidence somebody said. Evidence.

Presumed Innocent, I heard somewhere