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Maharashtra – The Neo Nazi Lab November 10, 2009

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Is there any doubt that Maharashtra is the new neo-Nazi lab of India? Raj Thackeray has usurped the position for so long held by Narendra Modi. His brand of hate politics does not spare anyone who is not a Marathi speaking Maharashtrian born in Maharashtra constantly proving his credentials by paying obeisance at his darbar. To say that for long he has been the successor of his infamous uncle Bal T is an understatement.

He too issues fatwas. Don’t do this. Do this. Otherwise – slap, slam, burn, pillage. He goes so far as to support molesters just because they are born of the holy soil of Maharashtra. And what does the ordinary Maharashtrian on whose name he avowedly does all this drama DO? Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

They go about doing their daily job. You see it does not harm them much personally. A few politically inclined citizens of course condemn the attacks but that’s about it. There is in fact a complicit support to his activities. By other parties – because it keeps the other vitriol spewing party Shiv Sena at bay; by citizens because the other is always a non-Maharashtrian, generally a person from Uttar Pradesh or Bihar; or a Muslim. The law stands silently as his extra-constitutional powers keep on increasing. Seeking apologies otherwise beating people. This is the twin manifestos of the MNS.

Who is this Marathi Manoos? Is he an imbecile, coward, illiterate, uncivil, uncultured, uncouth and inhuman that lumpen elements of the street fight his battles. And what about the woman? Is the MNS also fighting for the pride and honour of the Manooshi? Is this Manoos not an Indian? Where is the rage of the general citizenry of the state and more so Bombay (yeah its deliberate) at this blatant corruption of its politics. But when was it clean?

Don’t stop this idiot and one day his Taliban will enter our house and rape our daughters and sons because they are non-Maharashtrians. He will still play with his dog and speak only in Marathi – and the courts will absolve him – that’s how Indian courts are. Don’t protest and perish we all will.

Don’t worry people – he will better himself. He will reach newer heights of insolence and venality. Please elect him and reap rich rewards. He will soon create a new state called Maha-brashta where only the pure Aryan, Marathi speaking, Maharashtra born are allowed who drink his pure milk of human hate and indulge in ritual bashing of some migrant imported for the pure perverted pleasure of you know who; where the sun will never set on the Maha-brashtha empire.


Rage Takeaway October 21, 2008

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I will never name my son Raj. You will say what if I have a daughter? Same with her. No Raj for her too. The name has begun to symbolize all that I hate. All – powerful men and women of achievement who succumb to his blackmail. They have to call him ‘my elder brother’ so that his goons don’t break a screen or break my car. Their reasons are understandable – crores are riding on your films and better to buckle than be idealistic. Same with the regular types – let me earn my rupee for the day, we say and we move on.

Seriously this chap makes me pray for the worst. Every day, afternoon, evening and night Raj and his cronies sup with fear, vandalism, abuse, hate. Doesn’t matter who the person is or people are. If you happen to be a non-Maharashtrian and poor then you are done for properly. If you are a bit lucky, then also it doesn’t mean shit. You are sucking good old Maharashtra dry.

No. It is Mumbai stupid. Mumbai the rich Kamadhenu cow that the entire nation is using and abusing. Who gives a **&^# about 50 kms from Mumbai. And I being a proud Maratha have to stop this. Stop these uncouth north Indians from entering my pious land of slums. We who have fought the Mughals will face fellow Hindus too in this god ordained battle to restore all jobs, prosperity, apartments, the salt in the sea, the fishes in the sea, the autos and taxis to the Maharashtrians.

And why does the government not call his bluff? Simple. VOTES. They know that the electorate that is eligible to vote and is unemployed will flock to the MNS. So let us just make honest noises. Don’t want to be seen as being too friendly to the outsider. Make token gestures – arrest, produce in court, night at thana, few warnings and public consciousness being too bothered with everyday survival this nuisance will be relegated to the backburner.

The carrot and the stick – after all he is not a murderer. He doesn’t attack. Some over zealous chap whose father was sacked from his job in the late 70’s is venting his anger. But you don’t see that. Being a patriot of good old ‘M’ (the state’s name is too long) he is just concerned. Runs in his family. Similar to the old roaring uncle. The sun has changed spots. What will happen if the family becomes cultured and abandons violence? Who will pay us – respects…what else did you think? And what will happen to Hinduism? What will happen to us?

We need him and his goons. You see they come in handy. After all, all parties get violent. Violence is a fundamental right. A democracy works because it allows people to express their anger, angst for you intellectuals in a positive manner – on buses, on people, on public and private property.

You will understand his importance 20 years from now. How he saved Bombay sorry Mumbai. From pan chewing north Indians, from beef eating Muslims, from fish eating Bengalis, from roti lovers of Punjab…you see Mumbai is India’s New York. Did You know that they speak 103 languages in New York? The entire world is represented in the Big Apple. New York doesn’t need America or the world.

Similarly my friend…