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India’s Parliament House Abandoned August 11, 2009

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Due to various terrorist threats from LET, JEM, HUM, HUJI etc India has finally decided to abandon the hallowed precincts of the parliament house – so far the epicenter of Indian democracy.

A Presidential ordinance has decreed that henceforth whatever little Parliamentary work gets done (after the heckling, walkouts, absenteeism and discussion on the content of sleazy reality shows) will be outsourced to a friendly nation that is not under the threat of extremism. According to preliminary reports of various consultancy firms, the situation looks grim. There are very few nations they say that can pass such an impossible filter.

Arctic and Antarctic is too cold our hot-blooded M.P’s have announced and promptly denounced such plans made by a panel that largely comprised of M.P’s from the north, used to the cold.

Meanwhile the terror groups are disappointed at the sudden turnaround and according to unconfirmed reports, recruitment in LET, JEM has fallen because of the sudden lack of interesting international targets. The de-motivated cadre is being promised newer enemies.

The Parliament House is slated to be converted into a impregnable fortress that no Indian or foreigner can see, touch, admire or destroy.


Are Indian Cops Braindead? May 21, 2008

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Two unrelated but gruesome crimes of the past fortnight throw some interesting light. The Jaipur bomb blast and the murder of Arushi Talwar in Noida (UP) are prime case studies of police ineptitude.

The Jaipur blast is a terrorist attack. Doesn’t matter who did it. After the Jaipur blast, the NSG (National Security Guards) was rushed to the city. The local cop there said that RDX, at least a KG, according to him was used in the blast. Within hours of the blast news channels were of the opinion that ammonium nitrate was used. They also found 1 bomb that didn’t go off. RDX, it was again announced. Now after a week, the NSG says that RDX was not the prime component…it was ammonium nitrate!

Why do they have to shoot their mouths so quickly? Sometimes my meager mind thinks that it’s all a grand strategy to throw the terrorists off-track. To confuse and capture or some such brilliant move on the part of our much misunderstood and criticized cops. But no, they stand true to their standards of inefficiency.

The cops also released sketches of the supposed perpetrators. None of them matched with the descriptions given by shopkeepers who had sold them cycles, the vehicle for the blasts. The sketches have been done and re-done thrice. The cops are now saying that this time they have called in ‘experts’!!! Why weren’t the experts called for so long? And pray when will they be used? What are they doing if not drawing sketches of perpetrators of a terrorist attack?

Who is the amateur here? Not the terrorists for sure. They do reconnaissance, plant their weapons and disappear. Our cops are twiddling their thumbs. These guys are professional and motivated with a zeal…to harm people. Are we motivated to prevent and failing which to catch them. I don’t think so. It looks like a spoof, a la, Pink Panther.

Similar stupidity with the Arushi Talwar murder case. After her body was discovered the cops announced a missing servant to be the prime suspect. A day later an ex-cop visits the victim’s house, finds hand imprints on the wall which leads to the terrace, where the missing servant’s body is lying.

The recent Chandigarh murder care has a similar modus operandi…on the police’s part. Blame the missing servant. This time it was even funnier. The Punjab cops announced that a body discovered close by was of the servant (exact reverse of the Noida case). A day later…voila, he resurfaces.

Do we have something called Forensic experts? It doesn’t seem like that. There is one in Hyderabad. For a country with a billion strong population under the weight of terrorism and other social crimes, there is 1 recognized crime lab! What are people thinking in this country? For the Scarlette Keeling murder case, her viscera was sent to Hyderabad and Bombay because Goa has no specialized lab.

We have the centuries old excuse on our side…India is a poor country. Can’t afford roads, water, electricity, health, social benefits. Who will believe this any more? In the year of Mayawati in UP there have been almost 500 cases of rape, murder and assault on the Dalits, the people she ostensibly represents. It tells a tale that is too obvious. We don’t care.

Countries spend billions to make nuclear arsenals…all in the name of deterrence. The lack of infrastructure, zeal and corruption does just one thing…provides inspiration to the criminal…wannabe and professional.